How to get into Boston

How to get into Boston


Unfortunately, a direct trip to Boston is not part of Babson College’s shuttle itinerary. However, with a little creativity, there are multiple ways of overcoming this setback. Below is a chart outlining various modes of transportation to Boston (Copley Square), their respective costs, and their estimated times.



Out of all these options, Uber is most convenient, because its drivers can pick up students from anywhere on campus. Additionally, first-time Uber users get a free ride of up to $20. Fares for pre-existing users, however, can get costly, especially with added fees. Still, there are ways around this: invite a friend to sign up using your personal invite code and you get a free ride of up to $20. However, with more that 8 million registered Uber users, finding newbies to earn credit is becoming increasingly difficult.

Cost (one way): $25-33

Time: 30 minutes



Lyft, an alternative to Uber, claims to be less expensive, but fares often end up about the same. Launched in 2007 and introduced on the East Coast just this past summer, Lyft once offered a better benefit to first-time users, giving them $30 more free credit, but have since lowered it to match that of Uber’s. Likewise, Lyft offers the free $20 credit each time your personal code is used.

Cost (one way): $27

Time: 30 minutes



Students with a license have the ability to rent a Zipcar. Depending on the length of your stay in Boston, this option can be the cheapest alternative, compared to Uber and Lyft. The Zipcar fee also covers gas and insurance. Unfortunately, usage is contingent upon the availability of the cars themselves. There are currently four Zipcars on the Babson campus.

Cost (per hour): $8.50-9.50

Time: 30 minutes



Biking is another option. However, this is contingent upon the ownership of a bike and other uncontrollable factors, such as weather. Students must note that this alternative is a massive time-consuming, and not to mention strenuous, effort. But for broke college students, biking is an excellent option.

Cost (one way): FREE

Time: 2 hours



Public transportation via the MBTA is a cheap, but fairly inconvenient, option for Babson students. On Thursdays through Saturdays, Babson shuttles transport students to the Woodland station. From there, students can take the Green Line. Babson is also fairly close to the Wellesley Hills station, which offers a slightly shorter commute on the Worcester Line and a slightly larger fare of $7. Regardless, it is time consuming. Also, students must be cautious of shuttle pick up and drop off times and the fact that the T closes around midnight. Despite these unfortunate downfalls, the price is as cheap as it gets.

Cost (one way): $2.65

Time: 45 minutes