Shuttle service to Boston resumes, with changes

Shuttle service to Boston resumes, with changes


On Friday, November 13, Academy shuttle service to Boston was reinstated after its removal last year due to behavioral issues.

Whereas shuttles last year visited multiple locations around Boston, including Copley Square, the Theatre District, and Faneuil Hall, Academy will now only offer service to Copley. On Thursday nights, shuttles will bring students to Copley, but not back, and on Friday and Saturday nights they will both pick up and drop off. The regular circuit to the Woodland T station and back will continue as usual.

This unusual schedule is part of an agreement meant to address the factors that led to the service’s removal last year. These included damage to buses, disrespect of drivers, and numerous alcohol-related incidents. According to Student Government Association Senator Manuel Whitfield, the ride to Babson is longer than to most schools, increasing the chances of such issues. “The majority of the problems are when students are coming back from Boston,” Whitfield (’16) said. The new schedule has fewer, and earlier, trips to Boston.

Last year, the SGA explored multiple alternatives to termination of service, but ultimately decided to limit service to Woodland. At that time, it had reached the point where “no bus driver wanted to drive our route,” Whitfield said. “To the student body it seemed like a big change, something abrupt. It hasn’t been—this has been going on for some time.”

In the past, shuttle service was funded primarily by Babson College, with SGA contributing a small portion of funding. With these changes, SGA will contribute a larger amount.

Whitfield stressed that shuttle service is a privilege. “[Students] need to take care of the things [they] have around [them]. This gives the College the flexibility to do more things. We could have a lot more fun and fruitful events.”