Babson Boulders: The Inside Scoop

Babson Boulders: The Inside Scoop


What might a man who accused gravity of murder think is a good idea? Carve a bunch of boulders in the middle of the woods with inspirational phrases! Most Babson students know of the famed Babson Boulders, but very few actually make the 45-minute trek to Gloucester to go see these interesting creations. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Babson Boulders were commissioned by Roger Babson during the Great Depression to help unemployed stonecutters. What a guy; he was surely thinking about SEERS when he set up this venture. 80 years later the boulders still stand, and carry with them some aspects that highlight the genius of Roger Babson. For example, a lot of the boulders are pretty inspirational with things like “Be True” and “Integrity” (shoutout to class of 2020). However, as touching as all of that is, Roger did not make it easy to get to his stone etched legacy. There are a lot of things that the sensible Babson student would have done that the people who planned the trails did not; they must have been done by a Bentley student. This is so profound that FREEP has compiled a list of things that you should NOT do when you go on your rock hunt:

  1. DO NOT follow the entire “Babson Boulder Loop,” there are surprisingly few boulders on that trail: go figure. Get yourself a map, put on your big college kid pants, and go find them yourself.
  2. DO NOT be fooled, there are a million boulders in the area. You will probably need to be institutionalized if you seriously try to check each one. There will be tiny paths to most of them, but there is a fair chance that you’ll get disoriented. Utilize the buddy system!
  3. DO NOT miss the Babson Reservoir. It is far more majestic than some boulders. Be sure to take a picture on the cliff that overlooks the water; a guaranteed PR for likes when you put it on Instagram.
  4. DO NOT wear uncomfortable shoes. A lot of the trails are made up of uneven rocks and you will be hiking a fair amount. God forbid you roll an ankle and your fellow beavers have to drag you out of there.
  5. DO NOT miss your class boulder; you are paying 65 grand a year for it.

Overall, the Babson Boulder hunt can really be something special. It will provide time to relax, be more in tune with nature, and see what all the fuss is about with these boulders. Too many people just write them off as just some rocks, when really they symbolize so much more than just that. They are the values that all of us, no matter our background, should hold dear and follow to become better Babson community members as well as members of the global community. babson-boulder-photo-by-jacob-allread