Babson’s Community Garden

Babson’s Community Garden


From first years to seniors, everyone has been at Babson for a few months now. Students are sure to know campus like the back of their hand—all of the fastest ways to get to classes, when to hit up Dunks to avoid monstrously long lines, and the best places to toss around a football of frisbee. But, what if there was a place you’ve never seen, or even heard of?  

Babson has a goldmine hidden in the back parking lot between Reynolds and Hollister. It has everything you could imagine: golden squash, a multitude of marigolds, and cucumbers, onions, and raspberries galore. Babson’s community garden is a place that represents the diversity, hard work, and nurturing that takes place on every inch of campus.

That being said, the garden is far from perfect and could use a little more love. With the presence of  broken down garden beds, a crumbling mosaic bench, and knee high weeds, the garden is reliant on student support to stay a beautiful green space on campus.

Currently, the garden is being managed by staff and student volunteers. However, the hands doing the heaviest lifting belong to Danielle Krcmar and Marianne Miller, the staff managers of the garden. Students, in particular those in the Sustainability Club, help whenever they can, but gardening is a task that requires lots of dedication, consistency, and love. Imagine how beautiful and full of life the garden would be if each student pulled a weed or watered a flower on their way to Trim, Reynolds, or their appointment at CCD (the Career Center for Development).  

Right now, efforts are focused on readying the garden for planting in the spring. This means weeding, pulling plants that will not survive the winter, and performing simple maintenance on the garden beds. Once spring rolls around, students and helpers will be able to till the soil, add compost, and plant seedlings. Over the summer, the garden will continue to grow big and strong before the fall harvest.

All are welcome to lend a helping hand at the garden. Tools are provided. Just bring your hands! If you are interested in helping us nurture the garden regularly–or just for an afternoon–please reach out to the Lisa Cole at

Written By: Lisa Cole & Brenna Leary