Class of 2020 Student Senators

Class of 2020 Student Senators


In the end of September, five students were elected as newest leaders in Babson Student Government Association. They were Yoni Bachar, Shiraz Khan Ghauri, Leo Liu, Nori Horvitz, and Kelly Song. SGA are divided into five sections: Academic, Clubs & Org, Campus Improvement, Ways & Means, and Student Life. Senators will need to take the responsibility under their divisions. They frequently hold meetings, talk about issues on campus and endeavor to solve them. This week, I had an interview with one of the new senators Leo Liu, and let us together take a close look at SGA.

I: Why do you want to be a student senator?

Leo: I think this is the best way to be involved in Babson. Being a Babson student, I always feel obligated to contribute to our school. I also worked in the student government back in high school, so I believe with my ability and experience I can bring more positive impact on campus. In terms of personal reasons, I always see myself as a leader, and being a student senator will bring me self-improvement and let me become a better one.

I: What do you do in SGA?

Leo: I am under the division “Ways& Means”. For example, if school organizations and clubs want to apply for funds to hold events, they need to ask our permission. We also take care of budget, distributing money to clubs as funds.  

I: How does SGA and senators work?

Leo: We have weekly meetings. On Wednesday, all senators must gather together and have a meeting for two hours. We will make a report, talk about issues, and discuss about solutions. As for each section, we also have a meeting every week. Being senator make me very busy, but I think it is totally worth it.

I: What is your relationship with other senators?

Leo: We are very close. We vote to pass policies when we have disagreements, which we always do. We often have internal debates regarding to the issues and solutions, but all of us are so willing to contribute to the school and make it better.

I: Do you get to many authorities a lot?

Leo: Yes, we do. We have the chance to talk to President Healey, Dean Lapp and discuss with them about the school. It is a cool experience and I enjoy it very much.

Five senators for the class of 2020 have been elected. They are all responsible, contributing, and always willing to help. Together with other senators, they will try their best to lead Babson into a better school.

PC: Annie Gao
PC: Annie Gao