Editorial: Role of a Newspaper

Editorial: Role of a Newspaper


In September 2011, the Pew Research Center published a study that explored the role of newspapers in communities.  Participants in the study were asked questions like, “If your local newspaper no longer existed, would that have a major impact, a minor impact, or no impact on your ability to keep up with information and news about your local community?” Not surprisingly, 69% of Americans believe the death of their local newspaper would have no impact, or only a minor impact, on their ability to get local information. In fact, younger adults, people aged 18-29, were more unconcerned with the death of newspapers than any other age group. However, when the same participants were queried about specific local topics, newspapers ranked in the top most important sources for information.  Even among young adults, newspapers were seen as an important source of analysis and news of key local issues.

The Babson Free Press prides itself as a source for local information and discussion of topics that are important to the Babson community. The staff of the Free Press provide objective news stories and analytical feature articles, while also disseminating opinions through Opinionated Editorials or Op-Ed commentary. Op-Eds are not the voice of the paper and are written by any community member without aggressive censorship. In recent years, the Free Press has sparked dialogue about the Diversity and Inclusion petition, residence life suite policy, Babson Global’s controversial expansion to Saudi Arabia, the presidential election and the SGA’s finance policies through Op-Ed’s and features.

This editorial is our way of reminding our readers that the Free Press is a medium for discussion and dialogue, and is never meant to attack or target. Embracing and recognizing differing opinions is a paramount part of our culture, even if you do not necessarily agree with those stances. In an age when so many refuse to hear the other side, mediums like newspapers continue challenging perceptions. Whether it be in life, on social media, or through newspapers, the Free Press encourages its readers to take rational stances while considering opposing views as well.

For more details about Op-Ed submissions, please email freepress@babson.edu.