Get To Know The BFG

Get To Know The BFG


As business majors, sometimes we forget that there are so many alternative, non-traditional sectors of business we can develop a career in. These industries include fashion, music, public policy, and sports management. We are often geared toward marketing or investment banking,or in the case of Babson, entrepreneurship. This was difficult for me my first semester at Babson because I knew I wanted to do business,but I wanted an opportunity to be creative. Like many Babson students, I want the opportunity to make people think and challenge what already exists.  

This mentality gave Babson students a desire to create more opportunities in the business of fashion at Babson. There are so many artistic, stylish people on campus that we do not even know about. The Babson Fashion Group has been working to change this. Virginia Mhasavi voiced that “when she came to Babson, there was no fashion organization on campus.” The problem was that there was no formal outlet for Babson students to express their fashion interests and acquire the resources their need. Often, we have to find our own resources, and in such a competitive industry, that can incredibly challenging. Mhasavi stated that finding her first fashion internship was quite difficult, but eventually through the CCD, she was able to learn about alumni connections in the fashion industry such as Ruthie Davis, the ladies shoe designer. Much like many Babson students, she wanted to explore opportunities beyond operations and retail. She wanted shadow a designer and work in the creative decision making aspects of the industry.  

Perhaps a reason why fashion is not a major topic of discussion at Babson is our geographical location. Boston is full of great designers and boutiques, but this is not as well known as it is in other cities such as New York or Milan. By introducing Babson students to local designers and fashion marketing companies in the Boston area, we are establishing an initial connection which we as students can further. It is like we have the resources, they are just blatantly advertised to us. We have to research and dig deeper to uncover fashion opportunities in Boston.

Mhasavi mentioned how important it is for students to bring their passion to their business, as this will lead to finding the best opportunities in their area of interest. Many of us came to Babson knowing our passions in music,art or politics, but many people came here to figure out. Therefore, it is essential to introduce courseworks and potentially concentrations in creative areas so students can discover these interests and are more prepared to enter the industry.  

The Babson Fashion Group is working hard to tackle these issues with the rest of the student body. They worked to organize a trip to NEw York Fashion week where students would have had the opportunity to meet alumni and attend a fashion show. They are also having their own fashion shows on campus and inviting students to model. Having a fashion group on campus is a pivotal step that will enable students to be prepared for careers that combine creativity and business.

By: Ambika Kathuria ’20