Why Babson Students Are So Not Dateable

Why Babson Students Are So Not Dateable


About two years ago, Time Magazine came out with an article stating a belief that we probably all secretly knew, but didn’t want to admit. Babson College students are the #1 most un-dateable.

Paid matchmaking service “The Dating Ring” had conducted the poll by taking 7,500 post-date feedback reports from 1,600 people located in the New York City and San Francisco area. The data collection process spanned over an 18 month period to see which college alumni “served as the most enjoyable dates.”

For a little background information on the dating platform that doomed us all in our future romantic rendezvous (“Oh Babson? Wait isn’t that the school with that Trump incident, AND the most un-dateable alumni?”) The Dating Ring describes their process as “We search through our database of successful professionals to find you the best matches.”

Of course we win the most un-dateable award from a dating service for “professionals.”

When asked their thoughts on the Time article’s outcome, most members of the Babson community were not surprised. Our campus’ hook-up culture, obsession with networking, fixed determination on meeting career goals, and even our “entrepreneurial mindset” surfaced as reasons of blame.

One Junior commented, “I think we’re un-dateable post-graduation because Babson is so hookup-y. People say that they are too busy with other things going on in their lives such as classes, businesses, and extracurricular activities that they make up the excuse of not having time to go on actual dates.”

This results in Babson students reaching for random, non-committal hook-ups to fulfill that desire for intimacy, without all the time-consuming strings-attached of dating. The junior continued, “Because of this, once we arrive into the real world, we have no idea how to actually date.”

Another student said, “I think that Babson students are un-dateable because people are so focused on themselves and school work that getting to know others on a deeper level falls very low or doesn’t even make it on the list of priorities.”

Other students have complained of this as well, with students increasing the number of acquaintances they have within their Babson community, but perhaps not increasing the number of people they actually know and care about. The age-old question of “Is he/she being nice to me to be my friend, or to be my contact?” seems to circulate in many Beavers’ minds.

“I think that we all want long-term relationships, but prioritize work and school above all else,” another junior added on. “I think Babson people are especially focused, perhaps compared to the other schools that showed up on that list of the ‘most dateable,’ because they are huge places with lots of different majors and types of people.”

The student explained further, “Whereas at Babson, people are all a similar type of student, which is super committed to doing well both in school and after school. Many people already have an idea of what they want to do and are afraid of being distracted from something like dating.”

Another perhaps disadvantage of this career-driven mindset has to do with the entrepreneurial side of things, a facet that Babson College takes great pride in. One student commented, “A lot of times in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have a lot of self-confidence to help motivate yourself to keep on going, to ask money from strangers, and to really pitch yourself and your product.”


“Unfortunately, this mindset and attitude tends to translate over to the social and romantic side of Babson students’ lives as well, but in a negative way. Because of this surmount of self-confidence, a lot of students can be very narcissist at times and can end up talking about themselves and their business a lot, which can be a turn off to others, especially those who are not used to this Babson ET&A culture.”

But there are advantages to the Babson culture as well. One sophomore noted, “It’s cool that it’s been a little more acceptable to put a career first, especially as a woman, and then to start building a family. I just hope Babson students get their sh*t together at some point.”

Amen to that.