Students brace for Babson winter

Students brace for Babson winter


“I am scared.”

“I am just not ready for this, really.”

“I just want to be warm.”

With so many people at Babson from tropical areas, the sole idea of a harsh, rigorous and pretty much real winter can be frightening—and some students have absolutely no idea how to cope with it. Ask around: winter drama is definitely a thing, and hope for warmth and comfort is increasingly fading as winter is coming.

Earlier this week, some upper-class students from Brazil were going over just how traumatic their first winter at Babson was. “I wasn’t thrilled about the winter since the beginning, and when it started snowing it got each time worse. We had nine snow days and we would barely leave the room,” senior Cassiano dos Santos said. That was one of the coldest winters that Boston has ever had—and apparently this one may be even worse. The Farmer’s Almanac, a reference book that has a long-range weather forecast, bets on an especially cold weather for this apparently wicked winter to come. And we are as scared as it gets.

My room is probably one of the most diverse dorms on the whole campus. One of my roommates is African and Muslim, the other is Asian and Christian, and I am a Jewish white Latina. The three of us come from completely different cultures and backgrounds, but the one definite bonding factor is our complete sensitivity to cold weather, whatever that means. In fact, we are already suffering. Precisely today, I woke up by my roommate frightening stating that “Today will be cold as f***.” You might be wondering, “How cold?” Today, October 16, the temperature went as low as 35 degrees. You can pretty much notice that every morning is a whole new adventure in our room, where one of us will eventually be assigned to check the weather forecast. In that Massachusetts weird climate, every day is a new drama.

One of my dormmates is Korean but was raised in Texas. That may explain why, since day one on campus, she has had a full stock of food—just in case snow eventually prevents us from leaving the building. We, children of the summer, suffer from a mini breakdown every time that temperature is cold enough for us to have to wear a real jacket, and it is already part of our routine to hold our cries every time that someone mentions that we have only one more month of bearable temperatures.

Some may say that cold weather is just an invention of the bourgeois to sell warm clothing to the proletarian, but I can assure you, dear reader, that some of us got a little bit too excited when it comes to warm clothing. “Extreme cold jackets” have already been ordered by overconcerned “Bahama mammas.” The jackets are actually meant for North Canada and Alaska winter, but we may just as well disregard it for the sake of acknowledging our mother’s excessive worries. Some of our moms went as far as creating a “winter kit” (can anyone from Babson actually make a business out of this?). It should pretty much feature Kleenex, NyQuil, Afrin, Strepsils and all those utensils we will not have enough energy to get while winter slowly kills us. What can we say about our mothers? It really is their love that makes us warm.

So, if you are a lovely summer child, know that you are not alone, and don’t forget your vitamins! Fall has officially started, and winter is coming.

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