On social media, Babson alumna becomes “mshappydiet”

On social media, Babson alumna becomes “mshappydiet”


Whether you are afraid of the notorious “Freshman Fifteen,” or are simply looking for ways to lead a healthier life, you have come to the right place. There has been a wild buzz around the concept of “healthy living” for quite some time. But yet most people are still in the dark about what it means and how they can practice it.

May Savita, a Babson alumna, has the answer to our questions with her brand “mshappydiet.” Starting off as just a desire to share her daily life experiences, Ms. Savita’s mshappydiet social media accounts have since educated and inspired thousands, with more than 19,000 followers on Facebook and more than 45,000 on Instagram. Now a certified health coach, a successful TV show host, and an owner of her own healthy-snack product, Ms. Savita has successfully proven that you can indeed do what you love.

So what exactly is healthy living? And how did Ms. Savita come to learn of it? There are many components of healthy living—exercise, meditation and clean food, just to name a few. The definition of healthy living varies between individuals, depending on their circumstances and their goals. Ms. Savita has put great emphasis not only on eating well and exercising, but also on positive thoughts and inspiration. She is a strong believer in the saying that a positive mind leads to a positive body. However, like many others, Ms. Savita initially perceived healthy living as something that is unnecessary for a young and healthy individual. What sparked her interest and research in this field was the desire to shed a few pounds after her years at Babson. After many failed fad diet attempts and many nights of starvation, Ms. Savita has decided to look into the concept of clean eating. Today, her daily diet consists of 85-90% whole foods and plant-based foods, leaving wiggle room of 10-15% for desserts.

Once Ms. Savita has started her research on eating clean, she found many others on social media who have gone down the same path of healthy living and have achieved great results. In creating her own social media site, mshappydiet, Ms. Savita hopes to share her own experiences as well as create a community for people to share their experiences and inspirations. She encourages her social media followers to challenge themselves with programs such as “Oh! No Sugar Challenge,” where she cuts all forms of sugar from her diet for two weeks. Now with her own television show, she will be able to share her inspirations, experiences, recipes, and tips to a national audience.

How can you incorporate some of the healthy living principles to your life? Ms. Savita has taken many small steps to achieve what she perceives as a healthy lifestyle. From a person who knows nothing about cooking, she has become a person who enjoys walking through the supermarket and making her own meals at home. Ms. Savita’s advice on making changes to your lifestyle is to do one thing at a time—do not overwhelm yourself with many changes at once. Start by making small tweaks to how you enjoy your time. For example, are you a person who likes music and usually indulges in that by going to a concert? Why not try joining a spin class such as soul cycle once a week instead of a concert? You might surprise yourself by how much you enjoy it.

Interested in making some positive changes to your life? Check out @mshappydiet on Instagram or Facebook for fun challenges that will inspire you to take care of your physical and mental health.