Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due


With over a year in the books of Donald Trump’s Presidency, it is safe to say it has been a rollercoaster of a ride. There have been numerous White House and administration distractions, most recently the exile of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the soap-opera-esque battle of famed porn-star Stormy Daniels and the President himself. With these foolish distractions, complimented with Donald Trump’s un-appealing rhetoric to both sides of the political arena, the left wing media has pounced on the administration claiming “Donald Trump’s approval ratings are the worst ever!” But please don’t be mistaken, the current administration has done more than the left media gives credit.

To start according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job participation rates are rising up to 63%, and the 4.1% unemployment rate is just a start. Furthermore, the U6 unemployment rate (the official 4.1% added with discouraged job seekers and part-time workers looking for full-time employment) is at 8.2% almost matching it’s all-time low of 6.8% in October 2000. Not bad for a president considered to be the worst ever. Furthermore, since the tax plan passed more people have money in their pockets as wages have increased 2.9%, the most since the end of the recession of 09’. These labor figures have been astounding and the media should give more credit for what has been done.

Another case in which more credit should be given to this administration is in trade. The left media has portrayed this administration’s actions as insecure especially when discussing Trump’s trade motives. CNN cited the trade tactics by the president as “potentially world ending” and “nuclear war initiating” however it is these tactics that have allowed the U.S to finally have a sit down meeting with the leader of North Korea. The North Korean regime has gone through four presidencies without a meeting with the U.S. In addition, the 50 billion dollars worth of trade tariffs imposed on China and China’s reciprocal of $3 billion yields a clear surplus to the U.S. It appears as though what Trump’s negotiating tactics have conceivably done is bring China to the negotiating table on all the commerce that flows between the U.S. and the mainland. Once again, the administration is proving that it is not as bad as its common portrayal.

Lastly, ISIS has been mitigated down to nothing as Trump has given power to the military administrations to carry out strategic operations. This is something that was never achieved during the Obama administration and the effects have been tremendous with over 98% of the land occupied by the caliphate recaptured. With the facts on employment, wages, and terrorism being overwhelmingly positive, the American public and the left-wing media owe the Trump administration credit in spite of the obvious negatives that is so commonly publicized.