The Babson Free Press is the student newspaper of the Babson College community. Known around campus as “the FREEP,” the Free Press has been dedicated to transparency, accountability, entertainment, and public discourse for 45 years. We are a hardworking staff of Executive Board members, writers, editors, photographers, and layout designers.


Bradley Darling

Shun Ping Huang

Vice President of Finance & Sales:
Eli Iasovits

Vice President of Marketing:
Jenny Ho

Head Layout Designer:
Alua Noyan

Head Photographer:
Tatiana Trauslen

Staff Layout Designer:
Lydia Stetson

Staff Photographer:
Xueying Duanmu

Copy Editors:
Ira Simbulan
Yinmeng Tian
Lynn Wang
Anthony Krichevskiy
Vinay Santhanam

Staff Writers:
Leslie Boudreau
Ally Dalton
Natalia Garcia
Ji Hwan Kim
T.Y. Kim
Lizaveta Livinava
Fred Maley
Sukanya Mukherjee
Morgan Roth
Claribel Truglia

Faculty Adviser:
William Huss

Contact Details

The Babson Free Press
Campus Box #2160
231 Forest St
Wellesley, MA 02457